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Thread: Best food(s) for covering up cannabutter taste

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    Default Best food(s) for covering up cannabutter taste

    what do you find is/are the best food/s for covering up cannabutter taste?

    (I've heard chocolate before, but I don't think that's necessarily true since I've had brownies two times before and I could definitely taste it both times :/ unless you do something special with the chocolate?)

    foods/tips/tricks welcome.

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    ^ That one batch you made looked incredible.

    Brownies are the best way to go I think. I'm sure there are better though I just haven't tried.

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    Smores definitely cover up the taste. Anything with a sauce like thousand island, ranch, bbq, whatnot. I've made pasta before - hasn't covered up the taste definitely but it has just added a sort of "earthy" feature to it (with truffles and mushrooms, it was perfect for it!). A sandwich with just cannabutter is BAD. A sandwich with meat and cannabutter and sauce and jelly and everything is awesome. Eating a banana and peanut butter and cannabutter helps mask the taste; other fruit need not apply as their texture and flavor does not overwhelm the cannabutter as necessary.

    Def gonna have to experiment!

    Also wanted to add in that espresso brownies would work very well. I've had edibles from established companies before - blueberry bread - espresso mocha brownie - peanut butter chocolate swirl - caramel turtle - stuff like that. Of course, the stronger the 'butter and how nearly inedible the edible is, will fuck you up no problem.
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    The best recipe we have that completely masks the medicinal flavor is a cuban style black bean dish.

    Ganja Beans Recipe
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