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Thread: 1 or 2 hits, how long will it stay in my system?

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    Question 1 or 2 hits, how long will it stay in my system?

    I'll try to make this short, I'm sure this gets asked all the time, apologizes. I'm on subs, every month I have to take a urine drug test at Quest Diagnostics to show that I'm not on any pain killers and what not. I've been clean for over a year (bud, pills, etc). Any who, how long will it take for the THC so get out of my system? I'll probably only take 1 or 2 hits, it is supposedly some hydro, but people around here always BS.

    So to sum it all up; I'm about 5' 8", 170, haven't smoked in over a year and I'll only be taking a hit or two. How fast can I get this out?

    Thanks guys...

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    Id say around 2 weeks max seeing that you haven't smoked in a year before that and if you drink a lot of water maybe less

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    id say even less than 2 weeks..i know i shouldnt get your hopes up cause everyone is different, but if you havent smoked in over a year and literally only take 2 rips i highly doubt youd fail the test..BUT, it really depends when your asked to take the test, unless its random then you may have some problems..but if you only take 2 rips, drink only water, work out, eat well id say youd be good in a week tops..

    BUT JUST TO MAKE YOU A LITTLE MORE WORRIED (sorry, but knowledge is power..hehe) i knew a girl who hadnt smoked for over 30 days and still managed to fail a drug test..i dont know what the amount they were looking for though..like if they saw even 1% thc in the urine somehow and failed her like that..idk..but if its a standard pharmacy drug test then you should really be fine within a weeks time...but to be extra cautious im gonna say 1-2 weeks lol..

    also to give you more info, i have smoked an entire bowl of dank the day before a drug test and i passed it, smoke about 5 or 6 hits the next day and still passed another drug test i had the day after...and that was all without doing any obsured water drinking or work outs..although i barley passed lol..still counts though..

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    Depending on your percentage of fat and how fast your metabolism is going to be the deciding factors of how fast it is out of your system. THC is stored in fat cells so how quickly you use up those fat reserves is the key. When I was on probation for my DUI I had smoked three days before the test and still passed. I had done 4 bowl hits but I had lost about 5 lbs backpacking in that last week . I also knew one guy who was a chronic smoker quit for two years and still came up positive . The way he says it is that he "is still pissing plants".

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