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    @Brandyannnn it it has been almost 10 years since I started but couple times I had to quit for jobs and other things of that nature, so I would say I have about 5-6 years smoking. So, your not that far behind.
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    I've been medicating for 25 years.
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    Respect other members: We know there will be disagreements about certain topics, but watch how we talk to other people. Post in the right forum: Each forum has a purpose so please post the right topic in the right forums, there is a description under each forum for the intended purpose. No pornographic images or links: We all know where to find these types of images, videos, and links so there is no need to post them here. Harassment towards other people: This includes people outside of the forums and inside. Just because the person does not belong to WEEF posts just hate or harass that persons will not be accepted. Topics that talk about violence, theft or anything of nature is not allowed: We are not here to promote crimes, just here to talk about the herb we all love! Do not post posts/topics that do not contribute: Posts that are not about the topic being discuss or a couple word post that does not add to the conversation. Topics that do not have much meaning behind them or topics that are useless. One account per member: Each member only needs one account please do not make more than one account. This list can change often and without notice so please check back here. If anyone has questions about the community guidelines please message a staff member as they will be happy to help with all problems! Thanks, Weef Team