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    How long does it take to potty train a puppy

    Go thing I don’t have a dog though.
  2. One thing I never really understand was why when you buy a dime you would get two grams and then when you went to go buy an eighth it would be 3.5 grams, why would we just buy two dimes instead and get an extra .5.
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    Forum upgrade

    I will be “upgrading” the forums in the follow days, for example changing the theme adding other little features as well. So, be on the look out for that ?
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    Anyone here play Virtual Reality? I have been I have it for a while, but what I noticed with VR I am not a big fan playing it alone I rather have some people there playing it as well.
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    Tokebomb Giveaway

    @Brandyannnn You won the tokebomb since @xbrandi420 did not respond in time!
  6. Bong: A large pipe, usually made of glass, that uses water to diffuse and cool the smoke as you breathe it into your lungs. Bongwater: The dark and dank smelling liquid in the bottom of the bong. Bong water is the water in a bong Blunt: Cannabis wrapped in a tobacco leaf cigar or cigarillo paper. The cigar may be hollowed out and then re-rolled with cannabis, and the origin of the name was coined due to the popularity of the brand Phillies Blunt Cigars. Blunts often burn longer than joints and are usually found in larger social gatherings. Bowl: The part of a smoking apparatus where the marijuana flower is loaded. As such, a bowl can also be used as a unit of measurement, which is the equivalent to a few small nuggets. Bubbler: A handheld pipe, usually made of glass, with a water reservoir at the bottom to cool and diffuse the smoke before it is inhaled. Bud: Bud refers to the actual flower of the marijuana plant. These are the fluffy parts that are harvested and used for recreational or medicinal purposes as they contain the highest concentrations of active cannabinoids. Budtender: This is the attendant working behind the counter at your local dispensary or retail cannabis shop who may be able to answer your questions on strains, cannabis products, and make suggestions based on your needs. Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds unique to cannabis that act upon the human body’s cannabinoid receptors, producing various effects including pain relief and other medically beneficial uses. Marijuana’s most well-known cannabanoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) due to the fact that it is the most abundant, and also because it produces the psychoactive effects (or the “high”) that drives the plant’s recreational use. However, there are over 85 known cannabinoids all with varying effects, so THC isn’t the only one. Cannabis: Cannabis is a plant genus that produces three species of flowering plants: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativaand Cannabis indica are used to produce both recreational and medical marijuana. Cannabis ruderalis is rarely farmed due to its natural lower THC content and small stature, but there is some cross-breeding thanks to ruderalis‘s unique ability to auto-flower rather than mature based on light, so there is potential for this variety to grow in popularity. Cannabis is native to Asia, but grows almost anywhere and has long been cultivated both for the production of hemp and to be used as a drug. CBD: CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the at least 85 cannabinoidsfound in cannabis and the second only to THC when it comes to average volume. Recently, CBD has gained support for its use as a medical treatment as research has shown it effectively treats pain, inflammation, and anxietywithout the psychoactive effects (the “high” or “stoned” feeling) associated with THC. High CBD strains, such as Harlequin, are being bred more actively and appearing more frequently on the market. Concentrates: Concentrates are a potent consolidation of cannabinoids that are made by dissolving marijuana in its plant form into a solvent. The resulting product has very high THC levels (generally more than flowers or hashish), and can produce varying products that range from thick sticky oils (BHO) to moldable goo (budder/wax) to resinous bits (shatter). Referred to by a variety of slang terms, the classification of concentrates is often dependent on the manufacturing method and the consistency of the final product. Cotton Mouth: Cotton mouth is one of the annoying, but mainly harmless side effects of marijuana. When high, the mouth becomes abnormally dry, similar to someone of shoving a fistful of cotton balls in your mouth then asking you to lick envelopes. A simple solution to cotton mouth is eating candy or chewing gum. Dab/Dabbing: A dab is a slang term used to refer to a dose of cannabis concentrates “dabbed” onto a redhot surface and inhaled. The act of “dabbing” refers to partaking in dabs. Dabber: A dabber is a long, pointy tool used to touch a concentrate (wax, shatter, BHO, etc.) to a heated surface on an oil rig pipe. It’s typically made out of glass or metal and helps the user consume product without making a mess or risk getting hurt. Dank: A word used to describe sticky, high-quality cannabis with a strong aroma. Diffuser: A diffuser is a custom tube added to a water pipe to increase bubbles and airflow, which results in a cooler, cleaner and more flavorful inhale. Diffusers are typically located at the bottom of a pipe and are most effective when slightly submerged in the water. Dispensary: Dispensary is a general term used to refer to any location where a patient or consumer can legitimately and safely access cannabis, whether the business is technically an access point, pick-up location. co-op, collective or any other version of a legal cannabis distributor. Downstem: A downstem is a long piece of glass that typically connects a bowl with the body of a pipe or bong. It’s an important part of a smoking device, which allows for suction to pull smoke through the space when marijuana is lit and inhaled. Dome: A dome is a key part of an oil rig used to smoke marijuana concentrates. Typically made out of blown glass, a dome fits neatly over the nail to capture all vapor created when a piece of concentrate is touched to the heated area. Domeless Nail: A domeless nail is a tool that combines a usual dome and nail setup into one piece, allowing a user to consume marijuana concentrates more efficiently. Domeless nails are usually made of glass with a hole in the middle for smoke to pass through. Dugout: A dugout is a hand-held wooden box that holds a small one-hitter and a limited amount of ground marijuana in two different sections. A user would slide open the dugout, pull out the commonly spring-loaded pipe and pack it by pressing it into the compartment containing the bud. Dugouts are popular because of its semi-discreetness and level of easiness to use. E-Nail: An e-nail or electronic nail is the latest invention in concentrate and dabbing communities. Specifically, E-nails are digitally controlled heating devices that allow the user to keep a consistent heat setting so as to always get the best tasting and potent hit. Compared to the typical hand torch, which often delivers varying results, this tool takes dabbing to the next level. Edibles: Edibles are medicated edible goods that have been infused with cannabis extracts. They are commonly baked goods such as cookies and brownies, but options as varied as flavored coffee drinks, breads, and candies exist as well. Dispensaries also often sell marijuana-infused butters or oils for patients or consumers to make their own edibles. Consuming edibles means the active components from the extracts require longer to take effect as they need to be absorbed through the digestive system. Eighth: An eighth of an ounce refers to the typical measurement of marijuana, which equates to 3.5 grams. You’ll find that all dispensaries throughout the country sell product in this specific amount to patients and customers. Endo: Endo or “indo” is a word used to describe cannabis that is grown indoors, usually hydroponically. It’s also a common term that refers to quality bud. Flowers: You probably know what flowers are; they’re often the “pretty” part of a plant, and the same is true for cannabis. While cannabis flowers don’t have traditional petals or look like daisies, they are still the reproductive organ of the female plants. Cannabis flowers are the hairy, sticky, crystal-covered bits that are harvested and dried to be used as medication. When they are allowed to be fertilized by male plants, these flowers will produce cannabis seeds. If not, they will continue to produce the resin that contains their active cannabinoids until they are harvested or begin to die. Ganja: Ganja is typically referred to as the flower of the marijuana plant when smoking. The word originated from the Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit languages and its first known use was in 1689. Germination: The start of any marijuana plant growth cycle is called germination, specifically referring to the period when a seed cracks and sprouts a seedling. This process is intentionally triggered to force cannabis seeds out of their dormant state and back into the normal growth life cycle. Germination rates average around 80%, which translates to eight out of ten seeds typically successfully germinating in most attempts. Green Out: A green out is like an alcohol-induced blackout, but in reference to consuming too much cannabis, usually through edibles or potent dabs. Although people new to cannabis are most often to experience this because they don’t know their limits, greening out can happen to anyone. If often will involve a range of uncomfortable feelings like blurry vision, nausea, paranoia, and loss of balance or hearing. Grinders: A grinder is a circular metal, steel or wood device used to breakdown marijuana to make rolling joints, blunts or packing a bowl easier. You’ll find that most grinders are separated into two or three sections: a top area with small, sharp teeth and holes, which sifts the marijuana through to a lower section where one can use the broken down weed how they desire. For most higher end grinders, there will be a third section that lets kief through, which a lot of users will use to pack on top of bud in a bowl. Many people use a grinder instead of breaking apart marijuana with their fingers so as to avoid getting sticky fingers. Half: A half-ounce is a typical unit to measure cannabis and is equivalent to 14 grams. Depending on the strain and dispensary, a half usually sells for $150. Haze: Haze is a very popular strain of sativa, often stimulating creative behavior and energizing head highs. It’s thought to originate in various tropical regions of the world, specifically in Mexico, Colombia and parts of South East Asia. Haze plants are some of the tallest growing varieties of cannabis, often reaching 20 feet tall. Because of its size, it often takes longer to harvest, which makes it one of the more difficult plants to grow. Haze is commonly crossbred with indica strains to create award-winning strains like Northern Lights. Other popular strain of haze include Super Lemon Haze and XXX. Hash/Hash Oil: Hash is short for hashish, which is derived from cannabis plants and can be used for consumption or medication. Production involves the removal of the plant’s trichomes by sieving or filtering. Once the cannabinoid-laden powder has been collected, it is typically pressed and ready to be used. Hash ranges in potency, but is generally stronger than straight flowers since everything but the active part of the plant has been removed. A similar concentrated product can also be produced chemically using a solvent; however, this product is commonly referred to as hash oil or “honey oil.” Hemp: Hemp is a fibrous product that can be produced from the male cannabis plant and can be used in the manufacture of rope, paper, beauty products, and a vast array of other products. Hemp plants have no value as a drug since they are males. However, they are still considered illegal in the United States. Hybird: Hybrid refers to a plant that is genetically a cross between one or more separate strains of cannabis. Hybrids can happen unintentionally, but they are usually bred specifically to combine desired traits of the original plants. Most marijuana on the market today is some form of hybrid. Hydroponics: Hydroponics refers to a system of gardening that does not use soil. Plants are grown in water and receive their nutrients from the addition of solutions rather than soil. For growers, hydroponic advantages include more control over nutrient intake and stability. In terms of marijuana production, plants grown hydroponically are sometimes said to have cleaner, more distinct flavors. Indica: Indica is the less scientific name for the Cannabis indica species of cannabis. Generally these plants originated in the Middle East and Asia and include both of the famous kush and Afghan lineages. Compared to their sativa counterparts, the plants are shorter, bushier and have more compact flower structure. This species tends to produce more relaxing physical effects and can have a sedative quality. Kief: Kief is a collected amount of trichomes that have been separated from the rest of the marijuana flower. Since trichomes are the sticky crystals that contain the vast majority of the plant’s cannabinoids, kief is known to be extremely potent. Kief is sometimes mistakenly referred to as pollen and is the primary ingredient in hashish production. Kush: Kush refers to a line of cannabis plants that hail from the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush strains are indicas and have a unique aroma that have given them a large fan base. Specific breeds and plants are unique, but their aroma is generally described as “earthy” and often piney combined with citrus or sweet. Marijuana: Marijuana is the general term for female cannabis plants or their dried flowers. Females are distinct from male plants in that they are the ones that produce flowers which contain the high percentage of cannabinoids that hold both their medicinal and psychoactive properties. Nail: A nail or spike is a piece of metal that’s essential to a dab or globe rig used to smoke marijuana concentrates. It’s typically made of glass, quartz or titanium and is heated to a specific temperature (typically by a hand torch) and then touched with a piece of concentrate via a dabber/wand, that is consequently vaporized. The resulting vapor is inhaled and results in a high for the user. OG: OG is a term that’s now used to describe many strains, though the term originated to describe Southern California’s Ocean Grown Kush, which was quickly shortened to OG Kush. OG Kush grew quickly in fame and reputation. Most OGs are different variations of the original OG Kush genetics or are also ocean grown on the West Coast. One Hitter: A one hitter (or one-y, dugout) is a piece of marijuana paraphernalia that includes a small hole with a thin pipe in the shape of a cigarette and an attached box that can only store a few nugs of marijuana. A user would insert the pipe into the box to pack the end with product. Because it’s such a small ‘bowl’, a user will only be able to get one hit, hence the appropriate namesake. Ounce: An ounce is four quarters or 28 grams of marijuana (technically 28.35 grams). People may buy an ounce of weed to save some money, as they’re technically buying in bulk. Often referred to as an “oz” (oh-zee). Pot: Pot is a slang term for marijuana. Pre-Roll: Pre-roll is a commonly used term that refers to a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, slangily known as a joint. Many dispensaries have pre-rolls available for purchase. Roach: A roach is the end of a joint and is often too small to be smoked for fear of burning ones fingers. As a result, a roach is typically smoked with a roach clip or saved with other roaches to be used in another, stronger joint or added to a bowl. A roach is brown in color because of it high resin consistency due to smoke deposits settling each time it’s inhaled. Sativa: Sativa is the less scientific name for the cannabis sativa species of cannabis plant. In general, these plants originated outside of the Middle East and Asia and include strains that are from areas such as South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Thailand. These strains tend to grow taller as plants (usually over 5 feet), are lighter in color and take longer to flower. When consumed, sativas tend to produce more cerebral effects as opposed to physical and sedative ones. Schwag: Schwag is a word to describe low-quality marijuana that’s typically brown in color, and very dry. Most often, a lot of seeds and stems will need to be removed before smoking the actual weed. Even then, schwag is flavorless and will not be covered in trichomes, which is always a sign of quality bud. Strain: A strain is a specific variety of a plant species. Strains are developed to produce distinct desired traits in the plant and are usually named by their breeders (or by creative consumers). Strain names often reflect the plant’s appearance, its promised buzz, or its place of origin. Although the medical marijuana industry strives for consistency, strains can easily be mistakenly or purposely misidentified. Shatter: Shatter is a type of concentrate that is believed to be the purest and most potent type of marijuana product. Shatter, or butane hash oil, is created through an extraction process that eliminates fats and lipids. It’s typically transparent and easily breaks into fragments. Users can add shatter to a bowl of flower or melt it and inhale the resulting smoke, known as dabbing. Skunk: Skunk refers to a strain of cannabis that is very powerful, and smells pungent, similar to that of a spray from a skunk. The strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid thought to have been discovered in the US, and is currently found in about half of all cannabis gene pools thanks to it’s popularity in the Netherlands. Spliff: A spliff is a joint rolled with tobacco and marijuana, typically in a European conical style shape. The term is also used in reference to a really nice, well-rolled joint. THC: THC is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is the most well-known and most abundantly available cannabinoid in marijuana plants. THC is also the component in marijuana that is responsible for the psychoactive effects, or the “high.” Also known as delta-9-tetracannabinol, it was first isolated in 1964 and is thought to serve as a natural defense for the plant against pests. Research has shown THC to be an effective medical treatment for a range of conditions. There is no lethal dose of the compound in its natural form. Vaporizer: A vaporizer is a device used to consume marijuana. It heats either flowers or marijuana-infused oils to a temperature that produces a cannabinoid-laced vapor to inhale. Vaporizing is healthier than smoking since there is no smoke to ingest, but this method still produces near instant effects. With new, more compact models on the market, vaporizing is growing in popularity. Wax: Wax is another form of concentrate. Weed: Weed is a slang term for marijuana. I don't own any of this content I just found some terms for cannabis and thought I should share them for people who may not know what each term is. Resources: https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/glossary-of-cannabis-terms https://www.coloradopotguide.com/marijuana-glossary/
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    I found this old picture of some old weed I had, I am not for sure what year it is from so I thought I would post a throwback picture. Post some of your old pictures!
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    Tokebomb Giveaway

    @xbrandi420 you have won this part of the giveaway please send me a message where you want it shipped. You have 24 hours from now to claim or it will be given to the next person.
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    Tokebomb Giveaway

    @Brandyannnn it it has been almost 10 years since I started but couple times I had to quit for jobs and other things of that nature, so I would say I have about 5-6 years smoking. So, your not that far behind.
  10. If you are having a problem with functionally or need to help with something with in the forum, please go on over to Support.
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    I really enjoy playing the drums, but since they are loud and my family is not that big in how loud they are I don't get to play them as often as I would like. What do you guys play?
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    Tokebomb Giveaway

    I bet you have some crazy stories!
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    Tokebomb Giveaway

    We have partnered up with Tokebomb to be able to give away a Tokebomb. To entered through the forums (here) all you need to do is comment below how you have been smoking for. This has nothing to do who wins, all names will be put in hat and pulled or some type of system like that, just want to see how long people have been smoking for. Tokebomb's information and where to find: Twitter Ebay Amazon The winner will be announced on 11/8, the twitter winners will also be announced the same day at @drunk_weed. To enter on Twitter you just need to retweet the pin tweet.
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    Voting Mid-Terms is tomorrow how many people are going out to vote? I am not unfortunately, I won't have the time.
  15. If Mexico and Canada can do it why not the United States?